Business 360

Supporting business from every angle.

Time and money are precious resources that every business owner must manage. As a Business 360 customer, you can access comprehensive banking services, from capital to cash management, delivered at the speed of today’s business environment. That means faster approvals, tailored products and a single point of contact covering every angle of your business needs.

You’ve got the vision, knowledge and courage. All you need is the right banking partner.

Is Business 360 right for you?

When it comes to a business banking relationship, there is no shortage of options. But, not all banks are ready and willing to empower you to take that next step in your business. Our Business 360 team is designed to help you:

  • Grow your business, including buying a building or equipment
  • Get quicker lending decisions
  • Optimize cash flow to get the most out of every dollar
  • Connect with business banking professionals through your choice of phone or email

Our Business 360 banking professionals stand ready to serve.

Case Studies

See what our customers are saying about us.

They grow up so fast

Child care providers are nurturing places that help kids learn and grow, while giving parents peace of mind. One child care center turned the Business 360 team to help nurture their own growth and find stability. They worked with their banker to establish a term note that allowed for the purchase of their building, avoiding ongoing uncertainty regarding lease rates. As part of the deal, the monthly payment amount was comparable to their lease payments, so they were able to maintain their budget while acquiring a substantial asset for the business.

Keeping it flowing

When a rapidly expanding plumbing company’s cash flow concerns threatened to clog their project pipeline, their Business 360 banker was ready to help. Working with our team, they leveraged their accounts receivable to secure a line of credit that provided working capital to complete important ongoing contracts. With the assistance of the Business 360 team, they obtained ready access to the funds needed to hire more employees, buy more inventory and improve overall margins for their company.

Connect with the Team

Doug Sanders

Oklahoma Market President

Doug Sanders oversees Oklahoma Fidelity's commercial business lending division and leads the Business 360 team. Emphasizing collaboration and strong communication, Doug works to ensure each small business banking customer receives sound guidance and support. 

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Brian Barefoot

Director of Business 360

Brian Barefoot brings a tenured, growth-oriented approach to the Business 360 team, providing business owners valuable guidance, along with tailored products and fast approvals. 

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Steven Lindquist

Business 360 Banker

As a Business 360 banker, Steven helps business owners grow their operations with the right combination of credit and cash management solutions. Steven provides his customers with a comprehensive, tailored banking experience to cover every angle of their business needs. 

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