Relationship Line of Credit

Relationship Line of Credit

Convenient and flexible

Access money when you need it by combining an Oklahoma Fidelity Bank checking account with a three-year, unsecured, interest-only Relationship Line of Credit*. Oklahoma Fidelity Bank checking customers are eligible to apply for a line of $10,000 or more. This personal line of credit is there when you need it to cover things like emergency expenses or major purchases. When you pay back your used credit, the money is available for you to use again without reapplying during the three-year term.

Additional details include:

  • A quick approval process
  • Interest-only payments
  • No closing or origination fees

Apply Online

*Pending approval. Credit is extended at a variable rate of prime plus a margin based on credit score. Rate is subject to change. The balance of the line is due in full at the end of the three-year term or must be refinanced into a new loan. An Oklahoma Fidelity Bank checking account is required to obtain the line of credit.