Online shopping fraud protection

Online shopping fraud protection


We strive to provide a secure banking experience, including helping protect against fraudulent online purchases. To support these efforts, VISA® 3-D Secure Services are in place for all Oklahoma Fidelity Bank debit cardholders. 

How does it work? 

When shopping online, if your purchase is flagged as high risk by VISA®, a notice for verification will appear during the checkout process and request that you select to receive a one-time passcode by text or email to complete your transaction. Once you receive the passcode, enter it in the online shopping screen, and the verification system will authenticate or decline the purchase. 

This feature is an additional fraud prevention layer intended to identify high risk transactions and protect you from fraudulent charges. In the event that an unauthorized person tries to make a purchase with your debit card number, the fraudster will be unable to complete the online transaction due to the extra layer of verification. 

Keep your info up to date

To enjoy a convenient online shopping experience with an added layer of protection, please make sure your account phone number and email address are up to date. If you need to change one or both, please visit any branch or contact our customer care team. 

To learn more about different security risks and how to further protect your accounts, visit our security center.