Transaction Controls

Transaction type controls for your debit card


The Card Controls feature of the Oklahoma Fidelity Bank mobile app allows you to enable and disable the use of your debit card in a variety of ways, including excluding certain transactions like online (eCommerce), automatic payments and/or ATM transactions.

Here’s how to set up location controls:

    1. Access Card Controls through the “More” menu of the mobile app.
      Card Controls More Button
    2. Select the debit card you wish to control to view the details screen.
      Card Controls
    3. From the details screen, select Transaction Types.
      Card Controls Transaction Types Select
    4. On Transactions Types screen, you have several options. Toggling on Enable Transaction Types allows you to enable transaction management for your card. Under Transactions Types is a list of transaction types which you can enable or disable.
      Card Controls Transaction Types

Take greater control of you debit card with Transaction Type settings in the mobile app. If you have questions about this, or any other mobile banking feature, contact our customer care team at 1-800-658-1637.