Cardless Cash

Cardless Cash

With Cardless Cash, you can make withdrawals from any traditional Oklahoma Fidelity Bank ATM using your smartphone with the Oklahoma Fidelity Bank app instead of your debit card. 

Cardless Cash transactions are not only convenient, but also safe. Using Cardless Cash through the Oklahoma Fidelity Bank app secures the transaction process through your choice of password, Touch ID or Passcode. This means that if you lose your phone, your account is still protected. 

No card? No problem. Review the simple steps below and start enjoying the convenience of Cardless Cash.


Use the Oklahoma Fidelity Bank mobile app to select the amount of cash you want to withdraw from our ATM.


Visit any Oklahoma Fidelity Bank ATM, choose the Cardless Cash option, and scan the code with your phone.


Grab your cash, and you’re on your way.